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Rambutan is a very popular fruit because many people love its sweet taste. In addition to nutritional value, rambutans also contain herbs.


Product Description

Rambutan is a medium-sized tropical tree in the family Sapindaceae, native to tropical Southeast Asia; rambutan has spread from there to various parts of Asia, Africa, Oceania and Central America.

Rambutan trees are easy to recognize because it can be 8-10m high with oval-shaped leaves. Young leaves have the light green color, while the old leaf is dark green. The tree will bloom, and fruit, once or even twice a year if the conditions are good. Each of mature trees can produce 5000-6000 fruits, around 70kg.


There are 4 main types of rambutan currently: sticky rambutan (the flesh stick to the seed), Giava rambutan (the flesh stick to the peel of the seed), Logan rambutan (the flesh do not stick to the seed) and Thai rambutan.

Like litchi, Logan … rambutan has great nutritional value. Rambutan is rich in vitamin C, copper, manganese, trace mineral elements such as potassium, calcium, iron … rambutan also rich in protein, good fats, phosphorus…

Rambutan is effective in creating abundant energy source because of its nutrients.

Vitamin C in fruit rambutan helps prevent oxidative easily eliminates free radicals damage the body, preventing cancer.

In addition, the amount of vitamin C in the rambutan is also important nutrients for the development of sperm, both in quality and quantity.

Eating many rambutan is also a great way to help the body to destroy intestinal parasites, to reduce the symptoms of diarrhea and fever. The active ingredient in this fruit is also highly antiseptic.

With high amounts of fiber (2g per 100g rambutan), low in calories and plenty of water, rambutan is suitable for people who want to reduce the amount of fat in the body.

Rambutan fruits also contain copper and iron, which are necessary to stimulate the body to produce red blood cells and white blood cells. Thereby, helps the body to control the dizziness and fatigue due to anemia.  In addition, the manganese in this fruit also helps the sbody produce healthy enzymes.

Rambutan also has the effect of making the skin becomes soft, smooth and more beautiful because it contains a lot of water and antioxidants.

In addition to fruit, other parts of rambutan also bring a lot of value. Rambutan has high oil content, so that is also used to produce cooking oil or soap. Rambutan stems and roots can also be used for the production of pharmaceuticals and colorings.

Rambutan can be eaten directly, or it is packed to storage and export.

Our company is an import-export company which imports and exports mass of agricultural products, has its head office in Vietnam and representative office in many countries such as: America, Thailand, England, Hong Kong. Now, we are conducting business abroad with exporting Rambutan to markets have demand.

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