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Pepper tree is a tree whose branch belongs to Pepper. This is kind of ingredient which can’t be lack of all dishes. It has many different names such as Ancient Moon, Black ancient Moon, White Ancient Moon.


Product Description

It is grown everywhere from South to North of Vietnam; especially, Chau Doc, Ha Tien, Vung Tau, Quang Tri provinces. The other countries also grow pepper a lot such as Thai Lan, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Cambodia and Hai Nam island(China).


The pepper tree is divided into 4 kinds: white pepper, red pepper, green pepper and black pepper. The pepper has spicy taste, fragrant and people consider it as king of all ingredients.

The pepper is harvested each year. If people want to have black pepper, they will pick it up when it appears some red or yellow fruits on the tree, it means that when it is not ripe; fruits are young, they are crunchy and broken when dried under sun rays easily, other fruits will become black when dried. If people want to have white pepper, people will pick it up when it is actually ripe and then its peel is given away. This kind is white or grey color, it is less wizen, less fragrant (because oil peel is lost) but more spicy (because it is ripe).

Beside 2 kinds above, quite rare, there is red pepper, it is ripe on tree or it is picked up when it is very old, then it is processed in the special way to keep its peel red. The red pepper is dark red and light black color, it is produced in India and Chu Se as well as Vung Tau provinces in Vietnam. When it is exported into the world, quality of the red pepper after processing, its value is three times or four times as high as the black pepper. The green pepper  is harvested when it is still young.

Like pimento, the nutrients are a lot in pepper. Therefore, it has a lot of vitamin C, even it is more than tomato. The half cup of black or green or red pepper, it will apply 230% demand about calcium for a person per day.

The Pepper has 1.2-2% oil, 5-9% piperin and 2.2-6% chanvixin. Piperin and chanvixin are 2 kinds of ankaloit, they have spicy taste in order to make pepper spicy.

The pepper has big effect in treating and make nutrients absorb easily. Then, the attendance of piperine substance in the black pepper helps to increase effects which have in vitamin A and C, Selena, bet-carotene…it is useful for the health. Besides, piperine also stimulates the movement of acid aminos in intestine and prevents enzymes,it makes a condition in order to derive nutrients easier. It also prevents the movement of substances in cell which prevent activity of intestine. Therefore, nutrients are absorbed better.

The black pepper is food which helps to stimulate taste, makes the stomach give away lots of hydrochloride acid to digest food better. Most of digestive troubles are caused by lack of this acid. If the digestive system does well, it will help to decrease undigested and flatulence situation, constipation and stomachache.

The black pepper also prevent and release emission of gas which is accumulated in stomach. The black pepper will also help to respire easier and decrease in congesting thanks to diluting phlegm.

Because there is substance which prevent oxygenation in black pepper, it can prevent cancer, especially, breast cancer and intestine cancer

Furthermore, the pepper is useful for making beauty. The combination of pepper and lemon creates effective…

Beside Vietnam, the countries over the world also use the pepper like main ingredient without replacement. The pepper has in all dishes,…Vietnam is the country which export pepper the most in the world; America, Singapore, The United Arab Emirates, India and Holland are 5 biggest markets of Vietnam.

Our company is an import-export company which imports and exports mass of agricultural products, has its head office in Vietnam and representative office in many countries such as: America, Thailand, England, Hong Kong. Now, we are conducting business abroad with exporting pepper to markets have demand.

For long-term cooperation, please contact us at the informations below if you are interested in our products to get the best quotation most quickly. Many thanks.


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