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Longan fruit is popular fruit in Asia countries including Vietnam. This fruit is sweet, easy to eat and good for the health


Product Description

Its branch belongs to Sapindaceae, it is originated from the south of China, it is called gui yuan(桂圆) in Chinese, lengkeng in Indonesia and mata kucing in Malaysia.

It is called “Dragon eye” because of big seed, shiny black

In Vietnam, it is grown so much in Hung Yen province and it is the exported fruit here.

There are a lot of different kinds of longan; for example, longan not pulp is thin pulp, water longan has much water. Furthermore, there are lots of famous kinds of longan .

Trong mỗi quả nhãn, thành phần dinh dưỡng rất cao. ( High nutrient in each longan fruit)


Longan fruit has good effect for the health. With Tue tinh, longan fruit is the herb which has sweet taste, warm feeling, not poison, help to reduce MTB virus in lung, improve memory and increase longevity for the old people.

In books of Hai Thuong Lang Ong, longan fruit is also featured. In his opinion, this is kind of the herb which helps to increase intelligence and last longevity after drinking and using it so much for long time.

Longan is the fruit which has a lot of vitamin C, it is useful in preventing depressed, improve immune system.

Longan fruit helps to improve joint system so the old people should eat it every day.

Longan fruit has a lot of iron minerals so it is very good for the pregnant women and the athletes.

Longan fruit helps pancreas and heart do well, reduces oxygenation in blood circulation, makes nerve system comfortable, reduces stressed and tired. It also helps to reduce neurasthenia, insomnia and depressed.

Besides, longan fruit helps to make skin more beautiful, it is good for the teeth and treat the snake bites.

Besides, different parts of the longan fruit have also medical value.

  • Longan fruit’s seed has tart taste, reducing pain, holding blood when you are injuried and some diseases of skin like scabies, having the finger cut…
  • The longan fruit’s peel has sweet taste, warm feeling, not poison. It treats dizzy, burn and external wounds.
  • The longan fruit’s leaf has bland taste, balance feeling, it treats Flu, fever and safe pregnancy. The longan fruit’s flower is good for the excretory system, especially, it helps urinate easier.
  • The longan fruit’s trunk peel treats avitaminosis, pustule.
  • The longan fruit’s root has bitter and tart tastes, it treats vaginal discharge, filariasis

Although it is good for the health, it has warm feeling, sweet taste so patients feel hot inside, they shouldn’t eat it; especially, pregnant women.

Nowadays, the longan fruit is used to make sweet soup, cake, drink,…and drying fruit industry.

Our company is an import-export company which imports and exports mass of agricultural products, has its head office in Vietnam and representative office in many countries such as: America, Thailand, England, Hong Kong. Now, we are conducting business abroad with exporting Longan to markets have demand.

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