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Jackfruit is a delicious, high nutrient food which was considered a popular favorite fruit of many people. Jackfruit is a species of tree in the breadfruit family, and is believed to have originated in India.


Product Description

Jackfruit tree is from 8 to 15 meters high.  The fruit have oval shape and the size is (30-60) cm x (20-30) cm. It starts to bloom when it is 3 years old in mid spring and ripe in late summer (July – Aug).

Nowadays, Jackfruit is present all over the world and brings great economic value to the people. In Vietnam, jackfruit is grown mainly in rural areas. There are many types such as honey jackfruit, wet jackfruit, To Nu Jackfruit, Nghe An Jackfruit, Thai jackfruit … In the Mekong Delta, Thai jackfruit, Nghe An jackfruit are exported to South Korea.


In addition to the nutritional value of food, many parts of the jackfruit tree are also used for making medicines such as roots, stems and seeds.

Despite the rough appearance of the fruit skin, the nutritional value in the jackfruit is huge. According to Vietnamese Nutritive Composition Table, 100g of jackfruit has 48kcal, 85,4g of water, 0.6 g of protein, 11,4g of carbohydrates, 21 mg of calcium, 28mg of phosphorus, 0,40mg of iron, 180mg of beta-carotene, 5 mg of vitamin C, and some phosphorus, vitamin B…

With a lot of nutrients as above, jackfruit is effective in preventing cancer because it has phytonutrient, lignans andsaponins which are effective in prevention and suppression, slowing down the development of cancer cells.

High content of Calcium and magnesium in jackfruit help bones to become strong. Especially, older people should eat jackfruit to prevent disease and cut the pain from arthritis during season of transition.

One of the other benefits of jackfruit is helping to resist and reduce the inflammation and swelling, such as bronchitis, asthma, acute pneumonia, retinitis, mastitis, arthritis and ulcers on the skin.

Vitamin A and other vitamins in jackfruit are effective in strengthening the skin structure and slowing the aging process.

Women with rounded body should eat jackfruit everyday because it has fewer calories than other fruits, it also very good for losing weight since it has no saturated fat and starch.Jackfruit also protect you from the risk of constipation by providing a lot of fiber.

Jackfruit also has iron, which helps prevent anemia and help control the body’s blood circulation

With such high nutritional value, more and more women have chosen jackfruit as a main fruits for their families. People can use jackfruit as a dessert in their diet, or making jams, smoothies and ice cream. It is also popular in dried type. In culinary, unripe jackfruit is also used for salad, soup.

Although the jackfruit have many obviously benefits for our health, not every one can eat this nutritious fruit. People with liver disease, renal disease, diabetes … should be cautious when eating jackfruit because it will cause negative impact on their health.

Our company is an import-export company which imports and exports mass of agricultural products, has its head office in Vietnam and representative office in many countries such as: America, Thailand, England, Hong Kong. Now, we are conducting business abroad with exporting jackfruit to markets have demand.

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