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Guava is a tropical tree which is rich in nutrients, originating from Brazil. Guava is likened as the “super fruit” with many different uses. Guava is divided into several categories, with a rather unique taste and healthy. In addition guava can be used as a medicine.


Product Description

Guava trees can not stand cold climates, but live very well in hot climates. It can live in dry environments thanks to the roots can plug deep into the earth form 3 to 4 meters. At the same time, even when submerged in water, the roots still grew well without being waterlogged


Guava trees are grown quite popular in the world. Each region will have a guava with different nutritional composition.

The use of guava

– Food: Guava is commonly used to make juices, jams…. especially during the traditional holidays

– Medicines: Guava and products made from guava is used to make medicines to treat diseases such as diarrhea, gastritis, diabetes, hemorrhage, cough, flu … Moreover, guava also works to prevent cancer, infections, prevent aging and skin diseases.

Benefits come from guava

– The guava contains essential vitamins, such as: vitamin C helps antioxidants, collagen synthesis; Vitamin A helps the eyes healthy, optimal skin protection; some vitamin B, vitamin E and vitamin K helps the body grow steadily.

– Lycopene in guava is twice more than in tomatoes, which helps protect the skin from UV rays and prevents prostate cancer.

– Guava contains small amounts of potassium, which helps stabilize the heart rate and blood pressure.

– The minerals such as manganese, copper, magnesium … slow oxidation. In particular, copper increases hemoglobin in the blood.

– Currently, Guava is not only a nutritious, healthy fruit but also medicine in many countries such as Vietnam, China, Africa, South and Central America.

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