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Coffee is a common drink containing caffeine which excites the nervous system, and makes it stressful at all. Nowadays, coffee is popular around the world and many people use it at work or in their daily life.

Product Description

Coffee is used the first time in the fourth century in Ethiopia Plateau. Then, it is spread into India, Yemen. In the next centuries, it is used in Middle East, the South of India, and the North of Africa.  From that, it is widely used in the rest of the world.


The popular drink

Coffee containing café-in is known as a popular drink and it has been existed for a long time in the world.

It was originally grown and cultivated by the Ethiopian ancients. There are lots of legends and myths about the development and spreading of coffee. In the beginning, people almost believed that coffee is only used for the religious purposes such as in a praying night that may last overnight. It was also forbidden by the Ethiopian religion before the 15th century.

The development of coffee leads to the special way of enjoying coffee that may become a special culture of each country. From the end of the 19th century, in Stoughton and Wisconsin, some women used coffee at the break time, which gradually became popular in the next centuries.

Today, coffee used regularly by the office workers is considered as an integral part in business. This habit is increasingly becoming a spotlight in American culture.


Nowadays, coffee is widely well – known thanks to trading. A lot of coffee plantations are grown and exploited everywhere, especially in Brazil after an economic crisis in 1830. Then, around 8 million packages of coffee (about 60% total production of coffee in the world) are produced from this country in 1902.

The concept “ fair trade” which was set in 1962 by the World Coffee Association makes sure the benefits of producers and cultivators. The development and consumption of coffee have been taken the chains of local and national coffee brands off. From that, they have been increasingly well – known in the international market.

Our company is an import-export company which imports and exports mass of agricultural products, has its head office in Vietnam and representative office in many countries such as: America, Thailand, England, Hong Kong. Now, we are conducting business abroad with exporting coffee to markets have demand.

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