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Janus Coffee Chair

Janus Chairs – furniture brighten your own space. Activities in the field of import and export, Janus Enterprises always enter the luxury goods from overseas distributors in the country, including popular items such as luggage, handbags, towels, socks … .rat popular and here are the new premium seats. All have originated from China, Taiwan, Hong…

Birds eye chili

Bird’s eye chili is Solanaceous, originating in Central and South America, common in Southeast Asia and Ethiopia


Cashew belongs to the mango family, originating from Brazil. Nowadays, it is grown throughout the tropical area for nuts.


Pepper tree is a tree whose branch belongs to Pepper. This is kind of ingredient which can’t be lack of all dishes. It has many different names such as Ancient Moon, Black ancient Moon, White Ancient Moon.


Fleshy part of the unripe Sapodilla fruit is white, hard, and contain saponin toxic which is inedible. When the sapodilla ripe, the flesh turn brown and soft, the toxic disappear and the fruit have pleasant fragrance and sweetness.


Rambutan is a very popular fruit because many people love its sweet taste. In addition to nutritional value, rambutans also contain herbs.


Guava is a tropical tree which is rich in nutrients, originating from Brazil. Guava is likened as the “super fruit” with many different uses. Guava is divided into several categories, with a rather unique taste and healthy. In addition guava can be used as a medicine.

Rubber tree

The rubber tree is called “the white gold”- it is long day industrial tree and it brings the farmers stable income.


Longan fruit is popular fruit in Asia countries including Vietnam. This fruit is sweet, easy to eat and good for the health


Coffee is a common drink containing caffeine which excites the nervous system, and makes it stressful at all. Nowadays, coffee is popular around the world and many people use it at work or in their daily life.

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