How to choose a good suitcase

Ngày 10 / 12 / 2016.

Suitcases designed with a variety in styles, shapes, sizes and colors are considered as a companion for those who are often on a move for travelling or business. Suitcases themselves are extremely more convenient than other handbags, backpacks or satchels thanks to a handle and wheels, which prevents people from difficulties and challenges when carrying…

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Diversity of commodities in retail market segment

Ngày 08 / 12 / 2016.

As a business unit deal in import and export, Janus enterprise effectuates a business policy in varieties of commodities. In which, the main retail goods imported from abroad are diversified, such as pulling suitcases, handbags, socks, towels, fire extinguishers, helmets … At the same time, Janus also boosts agricultural exports. Especially vegetables, fruits, branded industrial…

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